An eye-shadow palette that I might just eat





I don’t talk that often about eyeshadows because I never used to be that in eye make-up. I usually like to wear natural make-up and rarely make up my eyes. I’ve never purchased any eyeshadow palettes before until a few weeks ago after watching a couple of tutorials on youtube featuring the Urban Decay Naked Palettes I knew I needed one of those but again, I really couldn’t decide which Naked palette to go for between 1 and 2 but I finally chose to go with Naked palette 2.

There isn’t much difference between the original Naked palette and Naked palette 2, given that both palettes are in the same color family. Both palettes feature neutral shades, the original palette is more on the warmer side while the shades in Naked palette 2 are more cool toned neutrals. I think it is the nicest out of all the Naked palettes, perfect for my skin tone.

Normally there are always a few shades in a palette that you barely use but I can tell they put a lot of thought into the color selection. Since the shades in this palette are mostly neutral, they all seem to compliment each other and I feel I can really use all the colours.








There are 12 shades in this palette and there’s a good balance between the number of mattes and shimmers which I think is pretty essential for any eye look. The colours

are absolutely beautiful. From a simple wash of colour to a smoky eye, I feel like you could get just about any look out of this one palette. The pigmentation is insanely good and has a velvety texture that blends like a dream even on bare skin.

This palette (like all the other Naked palettes) also comes with a handy double-sided brush, with a fluffy blending brush at one end, and a flat one for applying eyeshadow on the other and they both do their job well in my opinion – the flat brush is great for both packing on colour onto the lid and dragging some color along the bottom lash line, whereas the other brush is great for blending.













The left side of the palette has some nice base and transition shades. Out of all the shadows, my favorite color would have to be Half-Baked, which is a Golden Bronze Shimmer. I reach for this shade a lot since I’m really into golden hues at the moment. It would have been a deal breaker if they hadn’t included Half-baked from the original palette to this palette and I would have probably bought the original.















This end of the palette with all those shimmery metallics is undoubtedly my favourite – YDK is a beautiful, beautiful shade and looks great even if I throw it on it’s own. Verve makes a pretty inner corner highlight and I love using Busted for a more smokey look.














Lastly, the packaging is great and comes has a huge mirror in the lid. I really love the fact that this one comes in a metal casing unlike the original palette as it’s sturdy and less likely to break while traveling. It’d be pretty easy to keep clean and won’t end up looking worn. I just think the tin looks more modern and updated.

I’ve been creating different looks, getting all glammed up using this palette and look forward to sharing a few of my looks in not so distant future. After all these years I finally understand why these palettes are so popular!







Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked palettes and if so, which one is your favorite?

  • Laura

    This looks beautiful! I have only the smoky palette from their naked palette range. I really need to add this into my collection x

    Pink Frenzy