Signature Scent: Chloé eau de parfum

This is not a new perfume by any means, in fact, I think it’s been around since 2008 while I got its sample some time last year with an online purchase. The scent has gained almost cult status in recent years, it seems to be a scent that everyone seems to adore.

So two weeks ago, I was looking for a new perfume; something light, perfect for everyday wear. To narrow the field of choices, I headed right towards my secret stash of sample vials, and to my surprise, found a few strays I forgot that I of which happened to be Chloé EDP. There was just a little perfume left in the vial and I can hand on heart say I was obsessed. It’s one of those you-can’t-go-wrong-with fragrances in my opinion. I’ve always reached for more subtle, elegant notes and it has almost every note I like in it.

I got my bottle from John Lewis and absolutely adore it. I think we all can admit Chloé never disappoints with aesthetics, the bottle with the little bow detail is just the right amount of chic. The one I bought is a 30ml and while it is definitely a lot more expensive in terms of price per ml compared to, say, a 75ml one, it’s an absolutely perfect size for me.

The Chloé EDP retails for £35 for 20ml, £45 for 30ml, £62 for 50ml and £75 for 75ml.


While it’s pretty difficult to describe a scent in notes, Chloé has top notes of Peony, Freesia and Lychee, middle notes of Rose, Magnolia and Lily-Of-the Valley, and base notes of Amber and Virginia Cedar. It is an incredibly airy fragrance, however it doesn’t fade away easily and settles into a warm, powdery rose scent that lingers for hours and you can still trace it on your clothes all day long. I personally do prefer scents that wear through a night’s sleep and cling to my clothes through two thunderstorms and a dry cleaning, Chloé does all that for me. It’s the kind of scent that I imagine wearing with long chiffon dresses or ridiculously expensive casual wear. It has this vintage feel to it, something that makes it very dreamy, distinctive and a total signature perfume.

So if you’re into floral scents and happen to pass a perfume counter on your next visit to the mall, do give it a sniff.

Have you tried this fragrance before?






  • This scent sounds amazing, I’ve been looking for something new! Will have to go and give this a sniff.

    • I hope you like it just as much whenever you get your hands on it!